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Branding Overload? It’s Easier Than You Think

As an entrepreneur, I spend most of my time on Instagram and Facebook scrolling down my feed casually seeing what other entrepreneurs are doing (don’t judge me, it’s actually a thing!). And one of the main things that I have noticed is that eventually every business turns into a brand. Nothing wrong with this – it’s just something that usually happens when an entrepreneur is looking to connect with their audience. Usually this will unfold with a new logo, some fresh colors, new website or even wiping their business social media account clean (hey we’ve all done it). The only misconception with this transition is that it’s being done all wrong.

Let me be the first to tell you that a logo is just a logo. Do you know how times I’ve sat with a new client and they’ve gone on and on about how amazing their logo is? And then I feel like a Grinch when I have to tell them that they have completely missed the point of branding. While all these cosmetic changes to your business is beautiful, you are not fully tapping into what true and thoughtful potential branding can do for your business.

Branding done right can increase your invoices better than your followers. Many entrepreneurs have a huge social media following but can’t convert that account into clients. It can be done and it’s not difficult – it just requires for you to shift your thinking. Let’s face it, big dreams means you have to have some out of this world thoughts.

First things first, stop worrying about your colors and start creating the message you want to send to your audience. Many brands are selling something (a product, service, hell most even sale gimmicks and tricks) – become a brand that is looking to help. Provide a solution for your audience. People will pay for what they need especially when they feel it will help them in some way or another.

Second, set some values for your business – your brand will essentially rest easy on them. I personally feel that professional and quality work is a fading attribute for most businesses and so I pride myself on providing that and then some to my clients. Your values should show through your work and should be something tangible that your clients can take with them.

Third, stop making promises and start producing results. A brand has a history – a track record if you will. There is absolutely no need for promises when you have a proven track record that your brand generates amazing results and happy clients.

And lastly, be the business that you would happy to give your money too. Many consumers feel like they have invested into businesses that haven’t been honest or simply didn’t provide the services/product that they paid for. Don’t be that business. Your brand is everything that a client (past, present or future) will say about your business. Do good business for sake that it’s the experience that you would expect when you’re spending your money.

Branding isn’t a hard concept to understand, especially when you stop focusing on the things that everyone sees and place your energy where only your core audience can experience it. Now this isn’t to say that logos and themes are useless, but they simply tie the brand together – the catch is, you have to have something meaningful there for the pretty stuff to hold.


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