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Creating an Experience or Selling Bullshit?

As an entrepreneur, the very essence of marketing is a vital component to my business. Of course, there is the idea of supply and demand, but marketing requires some true skills, strategy and a little finesse in order for it to work its magic. I am a person who enjoys understanding my audience, what they need and how I can help them be successful – it’s one of the principles that my business stands upon. But for every entrepreneur and business owner that has honest intentions there are 5 more waiting to sell your ideal consumer some crap!

Have you ever been online and saw a post advertising how to make $100K in 7 days, or how to gain 10K new followers in a month? The irony in this mix is the fact that many brands promoting this type of service actually believe that they are marketing (go figure). So many business startups want the quick success, so they buy into the games, gimmicks or as accurately as I can put it, bullshit. How do the real entrepreneurs compete with this level of savagery? Well, I have an idea that is so crazy that it just might work – trust the process.

Familiar with the law of averages? Many have their own personal belief, but truth is, we are all speaking the same language. In the retail industry, it has been said that for every 100 customers that you attempt to sell a store credit card to 99 of them will say no – but 1 person will say yes. Now imagine creating a marketing plan that promotes an experience that is unlike any other in your industry – and then you apply this theory. You have just over shadowed your competition by trusting a process that will bring you more than just immediate revenue, but something that every entrepreneur deems valuable – repeat customers and clients.

You don’t have to market bullshit to grow your business. Try creating an experience that is effective and unforgettable and I guarantee that you will see a return in your business that will blow you mind. Remember, that you are also a consumer in your own right. You pay for an experience that is worth your time and money – and your clients do to. Marketing is easy when you build a strategy that grasps and relates to your audience. Going for the big money grab with every sale will only ensure that you will come up short, eventually!


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