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Larenda Noble

Hi! I'm Larenda!

I use marketing + branding techniques to help grow small businesses and build successful brands. Inspired by culture and creativity, I generate results! I don't tell you what you want hear - that's just not good business. I help bring your vision to life by attracting the right people. Now that's great business!

CEO & Founder of YMG Creative Solutions

I turned my passion and love for all things marketing into a reality when I started YMG Creative Solutions in 2017. My background is extensive - I'm talking 4 degrees and over 10 years of marketing experience, but this isn't the most interesting thing about me. I've literally created a path to success that is all my own. My clients appreciate my ability to think outside of the box, generate new ideas and create magic within every project. I help to develop a balance between what my client needs and where they aspire to take their amazing businesses and brands. 

Many potential clients have wondered what makes me so special and different from all the others. Truth moment - I don't have thousands of followers and I'm not necessarily known throughout the marketing industry. And if I were to be honest, I actually prefer it that way. Every engagement with my audience is pure and organic because I don't seek the approval of my peers. I just love what I do and I'm really great at it (the best by the opinions of my clients). The connection that I make with my clients is partly because I'm relatable. I've not only seen the struggles of entrepreneurship but I've experienced them as well. It's hard to grow a successful business and thats where I come in and where my business shines. 

 I take a creative lead on every project I put together that essentially makes dollars + sense. Working with me means I'm listening to your needs and business goals while making sure no detail is missed. I may become annoying on some level but that's only because you have my undivided attention. You can actually kick back and enjoy the experience of working with a creative professional who wants to help you achieve the success that I know is waiting for you. 

There are no games and gimmicks that result in hidden costs. I don't have the time and you honestly don't either. The only guarantees you will ever get from me is the promise to always provide quality work and professional service - oh and results you can see!

If you can get behind how I do business (I mean who couldn't - it's so easy), let's talk about it. Our consultations are free. And free does mean exactly that!

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